Friday, September 12, 2014

I win! I win!!!

Today is a good day! I submitted one of my looks to a contest for a price of a $50.00 Gift Card on one of the best malls in the Caribbean which is Plaza Las Américas in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. I have the honor to announce you that I win!!!! I feel so blessed and so happy that I have no words to describe the feeling! Have you ever won something? Tell me about it! 
We can always concord little by little our dreams. 

With Love Always! 
Happy Girls are the Prettiest!

Hoy es un super día para mí. Estoy extremadamente feliz, que no encuentro palabras para describir cómo me siento. Hace poco sometí uno de mis looks a un concurso donde el premio eran $50.00 de un gift card, de uno de los mejores centros comerciales que tiene el Caribe, Plaza Las Américas en Hato Rey, Puerto Rico y les anunció que ¡Gané!!!! ¡Qué alegría se siente cuando uno gana algo! ¿Les ha pasado a ustedes? Cuentame de tu experiencia.

Nunca dejen de soñar, de poco a poco se pueden alcanzar los sueños.
¡Los quiero siempre!
Happy Girls are the Prettiest!

Este fue el look ganador. / My winning look.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Nail Polish Trends 2014

Fall Nail Polish Trends 2014

New trends in nail polish for Fall 2014. What's your favorite so far? We are loving the Royal blue forsure!


Las nuevas trendencias para Otoño 2014 en esmaltes. ¿Cu es tu favorito?  Esttamos enamorados del color Azul Royal. 


Happy Girls are the Prettiest! ❤️

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A Song to Love and Laugh
Press here:

We will never be against Super Models, we love them for sure! But if you don't look like one, love your body the way it is, be smart enough to respect yourself and be happy with who God created you to be. Live life the best, don't let little things like stereotypes bring you down. You are an amazing person in the inside and more beautiful on the outside. 

I am sharing this video because is a funny way to say to society, thank you, but no thanks! The lyrics of the song is a critic to today's society, sending the wrong message to young people, molding their self esteem in a wrong idea of perfection. Also the theme of the video and all the pretty colors, goes perfectly with our blog. Hit the play button and shake what your mom gave ya! Don't forget to live life happy. Time to dance! 


No es que estemos en oposición a las Super Modelos, a quién no le gustan. El mensaje que queremos llevar es que si no luces como una aprendas a apreciar tu cuerpo y tu personalidad, de la forma que Dios te hizo.  

Les comparto este video, porque me gusta la música, es un viaje retro y adicional los colores, el diseño del mismo va muy acorde con nuestro blog. Así que dale al botón de play y mueve lo que tu mamá te dió. Vive feliz, para que hagas un entorno a tu alrededor má feliz y llevadero.

Love you Lots!

Happy Girls are the Prettiest!

Friday, August 1, 2014


Bye, Bye !,Summer Hello August, Colorful Inspiration

August brings so many emotions in me that's the reason why I decided to receive it with a smile and a colorful outfit. In August were I live, there is a lot going on, including back to school. I am devastated because my two sweethearts are going back to school, (violin music), as I put myself together, I decided to do something to cheer me up, what else can cheer you up than dressing in a colorful comfy wide open legs pants? You can find this easy outfit on these stores I will mention later, how do I know? I went recently window-shopping and most of this items were on sale on some stores. Blouse or similar found it at forever21, wide leg pants buy them at Charlotte Russe, shoes at Aldo stores and all accesories from my favorite Accessories Store Claire’s.

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Este atuendo es inspirado en las emociones que nos trae el mes de agosto.  Donde actualmente vivo los niños comienzan las clases pronto. Así que para animarme, me puse estos pantalones de pata ancha y con muchos colores. ¿Qué opinan? Yo los amo este atuendo es súper cómodo, bonito y muy moderno.¿Qué dónde pueden conseguirlo? Fácil, hace poco estuve window shopping y ví las mismas piezas en estas tiendas que menciono a continuación; el top lo consiguen en forever21, el pantalón lo consigues en Charlotte Russe, los zapatos son de las tiendas Aldo y todos los acesorios son de las tiendas Claires, que es una de mis tiendas favoritas para comprar prendas que esten de moda.
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¡Los quiero con todo mi Corazón y les envío un abrazo!

Happy Girls are the Prettiest!


Photos by: Hector Rovira
Assistant: Christie Nicole Hernandez

Thursday, July 31, 2014


  How to make your partner happy?
Easy steps to a better and stronger relationship.

Hello pretty happy people! It is been a while since my last post, as you may know, I’m a housewife and July is one of the hardest months of the summer, especially when you have a 1 year old child doing messes all around the house and the other one, the older boy, is going through this phase where the hormones are starting to show. This entire scenario inspired me to do this theme. Why? Because through all of this hectic life as a mother, partner and wife, I want to be more than sure that my partner is happy.

Here are the 10 recommendations for a happy and healthy relationship.

1- Tell to your other half nice things, every day.

 Everyday? Yes! Everyday! Compliment each other every single day. Tell your partner how good he looks on that suit, how good he smells, how nice is to see him when he gets back home after work.  If you are a guy, tell your wife or girlfriend, how good was the dinner, how sexy she looks naked after taking a shower and how happy you are to have her. Humans respond to compliments so nicely that it can change a bad relationship scenario to a healthy one. From today on, compliment more each other.

2- Take time for each other.

     As difficult as it sounds, in order to cultivate a more stronger relationship, you will need to take some free time to spend with your partner.( I didn't say that you have to book a vacation to the Bahamas, that would be great!) Spending time together as a couple, could be as simple as fill in the bathtub with bubbles and put some nice scented candles and give each other massages. Other example could be, watch a TV show together without talking, practice a new game of kissing, if your partner is a good listener talk about things that make your day really happy, only the highlights of the day, they hate the chit-chatting.  Males they are not good listeners, it is not in their nature, so if you feel the need to talk like a cockatoo, call your girlfriends.

3-Spend some time apart

  As weird as it sounds, sometimes you have to stay apart a little bit from each other to understand how important that person in your life is. Overloading your partner it is never a good idea, men get overwhelmed to soon, you can only ask them to do one thing at a time or they won't be able to do anything at all. If he wants to go out with the boys to watch a game without you, let him go, without the drama…while he is away ask your girlfriend to come over your place and start a girls night or take a free day for yourself, (you, the reality TV shows and the sleepers!) Another good way to build a good relationship, establish a day during the month just for you, do something just by yourself and you will see the difference. Arrange that free day, the spa day, a beach day or go to the movies with your girls. Do stuff to make you happy, so you will be happier to build a healthy relationship.

 4- Be honest

    Honesty is the best way to make your partner happy. Women love honesty, because if we know that we are in an honest relationship, we know that we can lay back in our partner. Being honest is so good that it is proven by some studies that your health improve.

5-Have good sex

   Males are just animals of routines and good sex is the number one priority in their life. Yayyy!!! or Nayy?? When you want them to be extremely happy have a good sex! If you want to make him happy learn what he likes and do it your best. In the other way, if you are a man learn how to give a good orgasm to your girl and you will have a loyal and happy woman for the rest of your mortal life.

6- Cooking is absolutely necessary

  If you cook for your man, he will be the happiest man in the world. It doesn't matter if you are a good or bad cooker, as long as you have food on the table he will be the happiest. In the other hand if you are a man and you cook for your girl, you are a 10!!!! 

7- Be organize

   Organize your life is a good way to teach to your other half how good you can handle things. That may set an example that he can follow and he will understand the place that you are. This is the base of mutual respect.

8- Be sexy

    If you don’t feel sexy in your own skin, he will lose the interest. Yep! As cruel as it sound. When a woman starts complaining about how much weight she's gaining, how wrinkles are attacking her face and how their girlfriends are looking younger than her, your man will probably start looking at you in a different way and maybe he will lose some  respect for you. We don't want that, love yourself, like if you were the hottest, trendiest supermodel in the whole world. 

9-Take care of yourself 

  Be clean, be neat, be happy! Sometimes we felt sad, and the sadness can be shown in our expressions, acting and hygiene.  You can feel sadness if you spend a lot of time alone, try not to show the sadness to your partner, as contradictory as it sounds, sometimes demonstrating happiness to our loved ones, help you in the way to catch your own happiness. If you are feeling less happy today, put your best make up on, do your hair the best way as possible, wear your best clothes and starts dressing up like the Hot mamacita that he or she felt in love. Believe me, I have been through rough times, and there is no better way to get right back into the happy path just by doing this. Dress up nicely, look good at all times until you make it happen.

10- Believe that you are pretty and confident

The most common complaint that men have is, "I told to my girlfriend, how sexy she looks and she doesn't believe me". Be confident! Be happy! Wake up every morning and tell to yourself how good you look, how gorgeous, and fabulous you are. Find things that you most love about your body and from that point speak to the reflection in the mirror and tell to yourself how much you love you. Thanks God for what you have and gain wisdom every day by reading. Reading is very important and it makes you a more interesting person. Nobody wants to be next to a negative person.

Practice these recommendations every day. You will see how healthy and how the whole atmosphere of your home changes, little by little. These are my personal recommendations for a healthy, happy and stronger relationship! 

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